2010 Activities

2010 Goals:-

*Foss demo day in any college per month(short-term goal)

*Create a new LUG in your college(long-term goal)

*Commit for a project by your own in a three months period

*Be Strong in programming languages :ruby, python, php, mysql,  html,  postgresql, javascript, xml, and css(short-term goal)

*Developing communication(daily basis)

*T-Shirt for KLUG guys

*Outing celebration after each achievement

*Foss News in a weekly basis

*Public event once in a six month

*One tutorial class of an application in each week

*Class for administration data base

*Revolution OS/The code-subtitles and dubbing in Tamil

*Ubuntu Guide in Tamil

*Introduction to Linux Videos

*Developing accounting software overcoming Tally

*Creating website for KanchiLUG

*Tux doll

*Contribution to Wikipedia

*Linux Calendar for 2010.

Note : Weekly review should be taken whether it is on the correct track.


2010 Achievements:

I. Daily activities:

1.Sending OAOD started by Dhastha.
2.Sending ODOC Started in 21.07.2010
3.Sending linux command TIPS by suresh
4.Sending FOSS news weekly

II. Kanchilug talk in college and others

1. Demo on Pachaiyappa’s collage :

2. Demo on Sri Kanchi Krishna collage:

3. One Day FOSS Workshop in SRM University

4. Interactive FOSS session with kids in Birla planetarium

III. Celebration:

1. KanchiLUG celebrates its first anniverary

2. Ubuntu 10.04 Release Party at Kanchipuram

IV. Kanchilug participation:

1. Participation and stalls in CARTE BLANCHE:

2. Kanchilug participate in Software Freedom Day and present Demo stalls

3. Guys applied to GSOC 2010

4. KanchiLUG guys applied ‘Pycon-India, 2010’ and attended it in bangalore. CDAT was taken by Arulalan and Quickly was taken by Raji in ‘Pycon-India, 2010’

KanchiLUG achieved:

1. Callender for 2010

2. Alpha version of Ubuntu Manual in Tamil Released. It upload in lanchpad.net

3. Six days Bootcamp conducted by kanchilug at sakthi ITI, Kanchipuram
–Got Projector by sponsor to conduct BootCamp from ilugc member
Day-1:  Linux basics and History
Day-2:  Web development languages – HTML, CSS, Javascript
Day-3: PHP
Day-4:  Ruby
Day-5: Python
Day-6:  Database tool – Mysql, PostgreSQL

4. KLUG : started new batch

5. Dawn of the Net Tamil Version
“Warriors of the Net” in tamil

Talkers to KanchiLUG from outside:

1.LTSP Demo and Intro to Perl by Mr. Raman.
2.Introduction to keryx by Mr. Senthil Kumar
3.Talkers from FSFTN


1. Class contucted in irc

2. Attended Bootcamp on Python programming :
Attended free Bootcamp on Python programming conducted by Mr. Chandrashekar Babu on his SLASHPROG     Technologies office at Mugappair,  Chennai.

3. Taken survey for number of colleges around Kanchipuram to approach them

4. DelhiLUG inspired on KanchiLug through the speech given by Arulalan.

5. Chennaipy monthly meet resumed by Arulalan.


Started but not in the regular basis:

1. Weekly status of projects

2.Ubuntu GlobalBugJam

3. Declare next week talkers and Topic

Booming GNU/Linux,

செல்வமணி. ச


7 Responses to 2010 Activities

  1. Hi KLUG folks,

    I’m from FSUG-Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. I think you need not have to develop an alternative for Tally. There is already one called GNUKhata(http://gnukhata.gnulinux.in/), which is completely started by Indian community. You can join hands to them.


    Mahesh Mohan M.U

  2. rangarajan says:

    dear shrinivasan,
    have you tried with the software which shri. Mahesh Mohan have suggested.
    all the best.

  3. thilagha says:

    hi we are staying in bangalore .my son want to study commands is their any option in bangalore ..or how to contact you ? can i get phone no .to contact …please respond me

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