Demo on Pachaiyappa’s collage :

Our KanchiLug guys took a one day seminar in my collage( pachaiyappa’s collage) on 07.07.2010.

Students of  B.Sc., Computer Science , B.C.A , M.Sc. IT and, C.S.T are attend the session.

At first we started at 3pm.. our guest speaker  Mr. Shrinivasan (ilugc – Co-ordinator) gave a clear idea about what is software freedom, foss and Gnu/linux. Then he spoke more and more about foss and its advantages.

Our Kanchilug guy Rajkumar showed some comfiz graphics then Bala shared his views on  python and Suresh showed  playing 3D-Games in Gnu/linux

Then our collage old students and kanchilug members Malathi and Suji spoke about their final year projects done in linux. Then they explain about the job opportunities in linux.

To give more attrative session we play the big bug bunny video and students impressed on Shrini anna speach and finally we spoke about kanchilug and their activities. Atlast we finished our demo at 5.15pm

We thank our collage Principal and H.O.D to gave a  complete collage session to us.

Yassir Arrafath


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