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August 12, 2006

Welcome to kanchilug.wordpress.com.

LUG is called for Linux User Group.

We have started this at kanchipuram.

After a great efforts of Mr.A.S.kumaresan, last wednesday (09-08-2006), he started it. In kanchi, there ae 4 big Engineering colleges and a lot of Arts and science colleges and schools. It is a big ITES spot next to pondichery. A lot of BPO’s are running successfully here. The city has great Hardware vendors and service, support Engineers, who are behind the ITES mania.

So, More and more people are in IT field. Some already known Linux and FOSS. But, it is necessary to create awareness about Linux.

The Responsibilities of LUG people would be like

  • share Linux CDs,
  • Mail suppor for linux installations and troubleshooting,
  • Seminars to schools and colleges,
  • Monthly Meetings,
  • spreading the freedom,
  • promoting students to do Open Source projects etc.,

Please follow the link to join this group.


Give your email Address and Subscribe in Mailing List.

Drop me mail to get a gmail account on tshrinivasan AT gmail DOT com

See you all at kanchilug

Long Live Linux.