100th Weekly meet Celebration of KanchiLUG

August 9, 2011

Date : 07/08/11 Week : 100 People : 20

Time : 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm

Location : Shri Narayana Guru Matriculation School

Attendees : Ramya, Kavitha, Dhanalakshmi, Logeshwari, Venkatesh, Manimaran, Sathishkumar, Balaji, Praveen, yasirarafath, Mohan, Shanmugasundaram, Rajkumar, Srinivasan, Selvamani, Saravanan, Devakarthi, Saravanaraj and Logeshprabu(myself)

New Attendees : Arun – working as a Software tester in VRVinfootech, Kanchipuram.

The Kanchi Linux User Group celebrated his 100th weekly meet on last week sunday. we were planned to celebrate it in grand manner and we decided to give a presentation about history of KanchiLUG. so, Shanmugam,Rajkumar,selvamani and myself prepare presentation contain 80 slides for it. The presentation work was keep going on up to 3.00pm. Then we move to shri narayanaguru school to make an arragement for the LUG meet and start the presentation on 3.30pm onwards. There were 20 people participated in this week meet.

Mr.Selvamani initiate the 100th week meet by describing about what is LUG(Linux User Group)? and what are all the activities and purpose of it.

After that myself starts the presentation of about History of Kanchi Linux User Group. i remembered, How was the Idea cultivated to begin the LUG in Kanchipuram?, who were the insperation for it?, where we start our journey? and some of the initial day memories of KanchiLUG meets.

Then Mr.RajKumar continue the presentation by sharing memories of Various programs conducted and participated by us in other colleges, Ubuntu Tamil manual release, Boot camps conducted by us, some of the minor acheivement by us and our goals of the year.

Then Mr.Shrinivasan gave the finishing touch to the presentation by remembering his experiance with KanchiLUG and encourage the members to contribute FOSS activities.

Finally, myself address the vote of thanks to all supporters and our well wishers. specially to

  • God, not only for his grace and also for providing place for our initial days LUG meets. because we conducted our KanchiLUG meets in temple for nearly one year in the past.
  • owner of Siva Kalvi Nilayam
  • HCL Technologies Training center, Kanchipuram
  • our friend Dhastha’s parents for the cooperation to conduct KanchiLUG meet in their home.
  • Sri Narayanaguru Marticulation School Management.

At last we celebrate the 100th weekly meet by cutting the cake and distribute to all members.

Mr.Mohan take snaps during the function held on by his digital cam. And the images are shown below.

View all other images in this link:

Presentation Document is here,


Demo on Miro Internet TV

June 12, 2011

Date : 12/ 06/ 11 Week : 92 People : 6

Time : 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Location : Shri Narayana Guru  Matriculation School

Discussion : Demo on Miro Internet TV and Introduction to New guys.

Attendees : Manimaaran, Nagarajan, Balakrishnan (My Self), Praveen,

New Attendees : Shenbaga Valli, Yasodhai


For a change this Lug Meet starts with 2 New students, Today Nagarajan shows demo on Miro Internet TV[1] which is a default application on Ubuntu 11.04 used for browsing videos downloading torrent files etc… He also showed that how to use that application. After his demo I interacted with those new students.

I explained to them about LUG’s,FOSS, LINUX…etc., why they was created? for what purpose they was created? like these question they got answers from us. After then I showed that how to join in Kanchi Lug mailing list[2]. Finally they worked few minutes in Ubuntu 11.04 and asked doubts regarding that. We windup the session exactly at 5.00 P.M.

[1] – http://www.getmiro.com/using-miro/
[2] – http://www.freelists.org/list/kanchilug

Thank You.

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan.

Conducted Workshop on PHP

June 6, 2011

Hello to all,

As mentioned before, Kanchi LUG team organized and conducted the PHP Workshop very successfully,

Today we started the PHP workshop successfully. People started to assemble in the place from 3.30 P.M., they settled at 4.00 P.M. Rajkumar welcome the students for workshop, also explained about for what purpose we are conducting workshops. After his welcome speech, I started to take the session of HTML. Obviously, students are eager to learn new things from us. Totally we had 7 laptops and  9 students we shared the laptops respectively. When i explain the code they worked it in laptop and got live experience, so they understand more than usually. Also we gave some simple task after completing every concept. I take 2 hours to finish the basics of HTML with examples and some tasks.
After than, Rajkumar started to handle CSS with his talk, students observed his points. Later he also explained with live examples to the students. Due to rain we windup the session at 7.15 P.M.

Today we started day2 session at 3.30 P.M., peoples are arrived timely. Mr.Rajkumar continues css balance topics with live example. He take half an hour to finish the Css basis. Then Mr.Balakrishnan started javascript session. He explained javascript basis with live code example.
After this session he gave one task combine javascript and html, the student more interactive with us by asking doubts. Finally Ms.Priya gave php intro and installation instruction. We windup the session at 7.00 P.M. Tomorrow Ms.Priya start php code session.

On the third day of PHP workshop, we got crowd of 3 students additionally. Priya Starts with the remembrance of previous day to student people. Then she tells about PHP and for what are all things we can do with PHP, after telling those stuff. She gets straightly into Scripting. While she teaching the concept, side by side she also wrote examples related to the topics, students also worked it out the examples and got results successfully.
Especially, in this day we got more interaction with the students by asking questions, getting acknowledgement whether they understand the concepts or not… like these way really we interact with them. They liked the way of approach by our Team, Also some students finished the task which was assigned on previous class; Congrats to those students. 🙂

Day – 4:
At this day, we are assembled at 4.00 p.m. sharply. Certainly priya starts with revision of previous session, after then she narrated the things which are used to interact with users. So, session was very excitement and interactivity. To keep the students very active we leave some break for 10 min to refresh them. After the break they worked very fast to complete the given task. Finally we windup the session at 7.00 p.m. Sharply.

Day – 5:
Today by the change we started the session with Dhasthagheer and Vishnu, They gave some tips and tricks regarding PHP as they known. They also told about why it is used, and how can we use the PHP more effective. After their introduction priya started to tell about Backend called Mysql. Most of the students are new to Database so she explained from Core. Students really liked to work with sql queries, then she told about how to connect PHP with Database using simple methods. She also provide some examples regarding the concepts.
Finally we windup the session with few messages and positive thoughts to students. Actually they, liked all the sessions also they are very much eager to learn about FOSS and to contribute FOSS. Really we had a good sessions with those guys.


1. S. Pravin
2. T. Kamalakannan
3. T. Udhaya
4. Mrs. Prema
5. S. Balaji
6. V. Senthi Kumar
7. R. Manimaran
8. Mr. Sethuraman
9. M. Deepak
10. M. Sathish
11. Mr. Pasupathi
12. R. Yuvraj

We would like to thank the guys who are all co-operated for the Workshop. And a special thanks to Shakthi ITI who gave place for conducting workshop.

Thank You,

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan.

Workshop on PHP (31-05-2011 to 04-06-2011)

May 30, 2011


Greetings to Everyone…

I am glade to inform that Kanchi LUG has arranged an opportunity to learn PHP. Five days Workshop has been planned and going to conduct by Kanchi Lug team from Tomorrow (Tuesday) onwards. Last Summer we have conducted Summber Boot camp-10 consists of six days workshop in a successful manner. Like that for this summer we have chosen and concentrate only on PHP with live session. As per normal we got place from Shakthi ITI we would like to thank them for providing such space.


Shakthi ITI,
No: 12/J., Madam street, Kanchipuram. (Land Mark – Near Babu TheatreMap view

Date & Time:

From Tuesday (31-05-2011) to Saturday (04-06-2011).
Timing: 3:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.


We decided to teach the Basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript on First 2 days. After then PHP for third and fourth day, finally PHP with Mysql. Because of live workshop students should know about the basic stuff of HTML,CSS…. So only, we have planned in this type of order.

*Registration Fees:

50/- Rs. Registration fee will be charged from students on spot of the PHP Workshop.
(* Fees is charged only for Maintenance & Electricity Purpose.)

We are heartly welcome the people those who are interested and eager to learn.

Thank You.

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan.

Two Days Workshop on Python

May 25, 2011


Greetings to Everyone!

After some time again Kanchilug arranged a wonderful opportunity to Newbies for learning python programming language. Yes! Kanchi Lug Team organized a Two days Workshop on Python. Which is dated on 22-05-2011 & 23-05-2011 at Mr. Shrinivasan Home. Also we have conducted the workshop in a successful manner.

The reason for conducting python workshop is to enhance the skill of programming among the students. Obviously we decided to make the workshop more useful for students, so we gave a live demo to them.

Day 1: First day Session starts at 1 P.M. Sharply in Shrinivasan home, at starting Five members are assembled namely Pravin, Suresh, Nagarajan, Dhasthagheer, Shrinivasan. Dhasthagheer started to give intro about Python programming they covered python basics at 5 P.M. after then they asked their doubts and clarifications regarding python. Session windup at 6 P.M.

Day 2: Second day session starts with half an hour late due to power cut. In this day the place had quite strength than yesterday, Pravin, Nagarajan, Senthil, Manimaran, Logesh prabhu, Shrinivasan, Balakrishnan(Myself). Yeah two newbies were came for the session, also I am the person to handle the entire session. As told before lack of power we started to explain with a Note book and a Pen, then give intro about python programming language and how to write a hello world in python. After then power resumed back we started to work in laptops, we had 4 laptops we shared the laptops to work. while finishing the explanation of every concept we assigned some simple task to students so they can learn quickly and think effectively about the task.

We Completed overall of the python basics with examples. We shared python ebooks for more examples and explanation. Finally the session windup at 6 P.M. Sharply.

Comments from the students:

    We really utilized the session and also the efforts taken by the Kanchi LUG to improve the knowledge among students is a good work. We heartly thanks for providing this opportunity to us. Definitely we too learn python completely and teach to some more new students.

Thank You.

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan

Talk on OpenStreetMap and PXE-boot

May 25, 2011

Date : 22/ 05/ 11 Week : 91 People : 7

Time : 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Location : Shri Narayana Guru  Matriculation School

Discussion : Discussion on OpenStreetMap, PXE-boot & General Concepts of FOSS

Attendees : Priya,Logesh Prabhu,S. Pravin, Manimaran, Rajkumar, Selva Kumar, Balaji, Mr. Vijay Ganapathy, Nagarajan, Balakrishnan (My Self)


I started to deliver my ideas and concepts regarding OpenStreetMap. In what status Open Street Map is now, What to do with open street map, What are the things we can do with OSM? Like these questions i gave my thoughts to fulfill the gaps obtained between the OSM and users. Also I told them how easy it is to contribute for OSM, due to missing of some sample files i was not able to give live demo of editing the map at offline. But i make sure of covering that concept in upcoming meetups, instead of that i narrated the steps involved for editing the map at both offline and online with the help Java-OSM

After then Mr. Vijay Ganapathy tells about the concept of PXE-boot, also he gave example in real time like installing OS for Colleges. For these kind of process PXE-boot is useful. Like some other concepts of real time workings he shared his experience.

Finally he gave some ideas to implement the FOSS lab in Kanchipuram colleges. So that many people will get awareness of FOSS. We windup the session around 5.30 p.m.

Thank You.

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan

Talk On Drupal6

May 3, 2011

Date : 1/ 05/ 11 Week : 88 People : 11

Time : 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Location : Shri Narayana Guru School

Discussion : Drupal 6, Configuration Files

Attendees : Praveen, Selvamani, Praveen.S, Balaji, Priya, Dhastha Gheer, SanmugaSundaram, Logesh Prabhu, Rajkumar, Shrinivasan, Balakrishan(Its me…)


Today Session starts with late of 30 minutes, Actually we guys are all formed at 3.30 only. After then Mr. Shrinivasan shows the live demo on installing Drupal 6 and showing a simple site creation using Drupal. He explained about some features available in drupal by implementing. Later he explained about Daemon services and Configuration files of Web Services, for better understanding he has choosen Mysql Service and explained what are the process is running behind. During his explanation he tells some networking commands and to what purpose it will be used, like these useful informations. Finally we wind up the session at 5.30 p.m.

Thank You 🙂

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan.