Class Conducted in IRC

Date : 31 / 01 / 10 Week : 41 People : 14+2

Session   : 4  pm to 6.30 pm

Location : IRC  Freenode Channel , #kanchilug Channel

Topics Discussed :  How to use Irc ( Internet Relay Chat ) Clients

This is first time , our kanchilug members were conduct meeting in Internet using irc client.

we were splits into many groups and chatted together.

Attendies  :

Group 1 : praveen, Selvakumar

Group2: Dhastha , Loganathan

Group3: Rajkumar ,  Bala krishna ,  Priya  , Ramya and Mahalkshmi

Group4: Ezhil , Athi , Arumugam and myself ( Arulalan )

Group5: Vishnu

Chennai Members :

Group6: Aishwarya

Group7: Nandhakumar

By this way , all were sitting in front of Internet connected system and chatted with all kanchilug members via freenode channel and #kanchilug room via IRC.

We talked with some groups via gtalk and skype to support.

At the beginning moment all are used “xchat” as irc client.

Then through irc chat , Aishwarya and myself  explained about “pidgin” and “how to work on that “.

Aishwarya explained many things about irc.

After that , we were joined in   many public rooms such as #ubuntu , #ubuntu-classroom , #fedora ,etc., and  listed what the people are talking in irc.

Then Nandha asked doubts about Grub2 . Myself and Dhastha answered him.

Likewise all of us , asked many doubts about irc and many things.  we shared our ideas and knowledge together .

Finally around 6.30 pm we finished the meeting.

This is first time , kanchilug made meeting in Internet .   so all we people attend many mistakes and problems.  Finally all of us learned many things newly .

we have those log files also . 🙂

Details Of Next Meeting :

Date : 07 / 02 / 10

அருளாளன் . த


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