The students of MIT, Chennai conducted the event called


This is the event which is based on the open source; This event held on 27 & 28th of feburary 2010 at MIT campus,chrompet – chennai;

In that they conducted many events based on the open source like FOSS QUIZ, Short FOSS video contest, etc.,

They are arranged a stalls for some of the demos based on the FOSS and so many students from various places participated and gave their demos on both day;

The Demo Stalls are :
1. Installation
2. Open Foam
3. Networking
3. Debugging
4. Multimedia
5. Scripting Languages
6. Gamming using Python
7. Gitorious & Codeiniter – videowrapper
8. Drupal & Blender
10. Demos  from Kanchi Linux User Group
12. Free Software Media

The highlight of the event is a “quries to Richard Mathew Stalman”.,yes on the first day the are arrangd a talk to R.M.S at 7.30 pm.,

Some of the Other Highlights :
1. The presence of the IUGC membes like Mr. Shri Ramadoss.,                   Mr. Bharathi., Mr. Ravi Jeya.,  Mr. Raman.
2. Demos on Open Foam , Networking & Gaming using python                   won the prizes.
3. Mr. Ramman gave the special price to Kanchi LUG.

Kanchi LUG Demo Stalls :
1. LTSP                –  Mr. Yaassir., Mr. Elango., Mr. Praveen.
2. Ruby               –  Mr. Shanmugam., Mr. Shrinivas., Ms. Priya.
3. Subversion     –  Mr. Rajkumar., Mr. Dhasthegeer., Mr. Selvamani.

Peoples who attend  the Carte Blanche ‘ X  from Kanchi LUG :
1. Mr. Logesh Prabhu
2. Mr. Vishnu
3. Mr. Selva Kumar
4. Mr. BalaKrishna
5. Mr. Nagarajan
6. Ms. Ramya
7. Ms. Mahalakshmi

Then i presented the video Based on FOSS in tamil for the Short Foss Video Contest ant this is the link : FOSS Video.ogg



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