KLUG: Linux Basic Commands and Feedback from Bootcamp

Date : 13 / 06 / 10 Week : 54 People : 16+2

Session   : 3.30 pm to 6 pm

Location : Dhasthagheer’s Home

Topics Discussed : Basic Commands Class-1  and Feedback from Bootcamp

Attendees  : Shrinivasan, Arulalan, Bala Krishnan, Rajesh, Nehru, Nagaraj, Lokesh, Praveen, Elango, Shanmugam, Raj kumar, Priya, Ramya, Suresh, Yasir, and Selvamani(myself).

New Attendees  : Mahalakshmi and Gopi

About Mahalakshmi :

Completed B.Tech (IT) in Mamallan Engineering College.

About  Gopi:

Doing MCA final year in Saveetha Engineering College.

Discussion :

Suresh explained that what is software development  and administration. We got clear idea over administration.

Then, he explained some basic commands available in GNU/Linux such as copy, moving file, list directories and files with different format, creating file, renaming file, appending content to existing files, knowing RAM size, etc.,.

Moreover, How to use different bash shells without GUI while doing admin related works.

At the end of the session, we got some feedback from new attendees who attended Bootcamp and our own thoughts to improve ourself for giving better presentation by next time. We discussed and listed out here,

1. More practice for developing ‘presentation skills’
2. Keeping time to cover the given topic
3. Clear Overview of presentation in that session to be conducted
4. Summarize at the end of the session
5. Confident Talk
6. Be Clear and Loud while presentation
7. White Board to give clear structure of particular topic
8. More time for programming languages
9. More interaction with audience from speakers
10. Must have Eye contact with audience
11. Providing materials for that session on the same day
12. Prepare documentation for the class to be taken
13. Communication Skill & Language Skill
14. Give surity to answer on the nextday for unknown questions
15. No other commitments before classes

Achievements happened in boot camp
1. Following up things has been successful
2. Developing ourselves has been successful
3. Places has been successful
Finally, we discussed our 2010 goals that what we did what we have to do.
Booming GNU/Linux,
செல்வமணி. ச

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