Discussion about github and ssh

Date : 16/10/11 Week : 106 People :  18

Time : 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Location :  Shri Narayana Guru School

Attendees : Praveen, G. Manimaran, R. Manimaran, M. Saravanan, K. Saravanan, Balakrishnan, Kavitha, Ramya, Dhanalakshmi, Logeshwari, Udhayakumar, Shanmuga sundaram, Vishwanathan, Rajkumar and Selvamani (Myself).

New Attendees : Hariharan, Jayaprakash, and Parthiban.

Discussion :

We had overall talk over the Tamizha project and its event which was happened last week at Chennai. Yeah, few of our kanchilug guys attended Thamizha hackathon event to develop a open source software based on tamil language.

Our people  Mr. Rajkumar, Mr. Shanmugasundaram, Mr. Praveen, Miss. Dhanalakshmi, Miss. Ramya, Miss. Logeshwari attended this oneday event and they shared and communicated those information to all of us.

To build tamil based open source project, they are maintaining the project in github. They explained about Git revision control systems and how to handle the project on github.com. For that, they created the github account for all the participants and divided the people into teams. Each team has been assigned to a project to continue their developments on it.

In our Kanchilug meet, some new people dont understand the git. Hence, we explained the revision control systems and gave the live demo on git and we had a datacard to explain the github to maintain our project online. Mr. Shanmugasundaram explained it online and he also explained about the ssh key for authentication for the project on github like how to create a ssh key(public and private key). His explanation was very informative for all of us.

Booming GNU/Linux,

செல்வமணி. ச


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