PHP Basics

Date : 01/07/2012 Week : 114 People : 6

Time : 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Location :  Shri Narayana Guru School

Attendees :  Manimaran, Praveen, Saravanan, M.Saravanan, Nagarajan and  Shanmugam (Myself).

Discussion :

I (Shanmugam) gave the introduction to PHP. I short described the details of the discussion here :


First we discussed about our KanchiLUG activities and its status right now.I explained about PHP variables and how to use  this and then we discussed about PHP functions , manimaran and saravanan gave some ideas about PHP functions and i explained about how to use this in different ways.

Praveen asked about index in PHP , so i also explained about index. M.Saravanan asked doubts in array , so i gave brief explanation about array and what are the types of arrays are be and how to use it.


One Response to PHP Basics

  1. Ganapathi Ram says:

    Hi Team,


    Myself GanapathiRam working in CTS,chennai. i came to know about Kanchi LUG thru web surfing. Its awesome and you guys rocking well. Am interested in joining KLUG. I hope the KLUG meet occurs every sunday @ narayana guru school. Am planning to move on my platform to Linux. Could you guys help me on this.

    Ganapathi Ram | M:9944791837

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