Software Freedom Day Celebration

We (KanchiLUG) celebrated Software Freedom Day 2011. We put totally 9 Demo Stalls in Software Freedom Day event conducted by ILUGC(Indian Linux User Group Chennai) at MIT(Madras Institute of Technology), Chrompet, Chennai.

Demo Stalls by our people :

1. Libre Office        –    Devakarthi, Saravanan. K, Saravanan. M,
2. Kompozer        –    Manimaran,
3. FFMPEG, Audacity    –    Priya,
4. Python        –     Ramya, Kavitha, Pavithra
5. PHP            –     Praveenkumar, Dhanalakshmi, Shanmugam
6. Drupal        –    Rajkumar,
7. Scilab        –    Nagarajan,
8. Subversion&GIT    –    Selvamani and Manikandan,
9. Firefox Addons    –    Suresh

As we planned, we had enough time for preparation to exibit and explain those softwares to public. We people started from Kanchi by 6.30AM and reached MIT by 9 AM. Then, we arranged all stalls to be in place. Most of our KanchiLUG guys apart from volunteers came to visit this event and they were more helpful to the volunteers.

Event started by 9.30 AM.There were totally 20 stalls in this year. Stalls other than KanchiLUG

Tamil Wikipedia,
Subversion Edge,
Open Source CDs and Books,
Ruby on Rails(RoR),

Students from various colleges and professionals visited the stalls. They also queried lot of questions and doubts. We people really had a great experience and learnt lot of new things from public. This event gave us and our new luggies more technical information than what we learnt. Here is the event photos of SFD 2011.

Software Freedom Day 2011 Photographs

The Whole day session went very pleasant and funny talks. Event came to end in the evening by 5.30PM. At the end of event, Mr. Shrinivasan, co-ordinator of ILUGC and open-source enthusiasts meet the volunteers and presented the prize to all the stalls and gave the information about contributing open souce, getting help from mailing lists, and open source projects for final year students.

I would like to thank all our KanchiLUG team to put their effort to make it happen successfully.

Booming GNU/Linux,

செல்வமணி. ச


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