Python & Discussion about SFD

Date : 14/08/11 Week : 101 People :  17

Time : 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm

Location : Shri Narayana Guru Matriculation School

Attendees : Manimaran, Devakarthi, Venkatesh, Praveen, Dhanalakshmi, Logeshwari, Kavitha, Ramya, Rajkumar, Balakrishnan, Balaji, Nagaraj, Shrinivasan, Praveen and Selvamani(Myself).

New Attendees : Magendravarman,Rajesh- doing B.Sc.,(Computer Science) in Pachayappas Arts&Science College for Men, Kanchipuram.


I (Selvamani) shared the basics of python. First I gave the introduction to python like simple, easy to learn, platform independent, extensible etc., I presented Python’s data types such as Numbers(integer, float, complex number), String, List, Tuple, and Dictionay and Flow structures(if, elif, switch, for, while), File handling, Dynamic inputs(input(), raw_input()) and Modules.

And, I moved to discuss the OOPs concept in Python. I explained Class definition, Constructor, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and so on. Following that, i showed the database connection with PostgreSQL, GUI Tools(Glade+Python+GTK, QT, WxPython), Django framework.

After my presentation, Mr. Balakrishnan showed live demo using python interpreter. Finally, we started to discuss SFD 2011(Software Freedom Day) which is going to happen in September month. We have planned for five stalls there, but we are looking for more stalls to exibit there. We have newcomers with us to participate this time in this event.

Booming GNU/Linux,

செல்வமணி. ச


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