100th Weekly meet Celebration of KanchiLUG

Date : 07/08/11 Week : 100 People : 20

Time : 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm

Location : Shri Narayana Guru Matriculation School

Attendees : Ramya, Kavitha, Dhanalakshmi, Logeshwari, Venkatesh, Manimaran, Sathishkumar, Balaji, Praveen, yasirarafath, Mohan, Shanmugasundaram, Rajkumar, Srinivasan, Selvamani, Saravanan, Devakarthi, Saravanaraj and Logeshprabu(myself)

New Attendees : Arun – working as a Software tester in VRVinfootech, Kanchipuram.

The Kanchi Linux User Group celebrated his 100th weekly meet on last week sunday. we were planned to celebrate it in grand manner and we decided to give a presentation about history of KanchiLUG. so, Shanmugam,Rajkumar,selvamani and myself prepare presentation contain 80 slides for it. The presentation work was keep going on up to 3.00pm. Then we move to shri narayanaguru school to make an arragement for the LUG meet and start the presentation on 3.30pm onwards. There were 20 people participated in this week meet.

Mr.Selvamani initiate the 100th week meet by describing about what is LUG(Linux User Group)? and what are all the activities and purpose of it.

After that myself starts the presentation of about History of Kanchi Linux User Group. i remembered, How was the Idea cultivated to begin the LUG in Kanchipuram?, who were the insperation for it?, where we start our journey? and some of the initial day memories of KanchiLUG meets.

Then Mr.RajKumar continue the presentation by sharing memories of Various programs conducted and participated by us in other colleges, Ubuntu Tamil manual release, Boot camps conducted by us, some of the minor acheivement by us and our goals of the year.

Then Mr.Shrinivasan gave the finishing touch to the presentation by remembering his experiance with KanchiLUG and encourage the members to contribute FOSS activities.

Finally, myself address the vote of thanks to all supporters and our well wishers. specially to

  • God, not only for his grace and also for providing place for our initial days LUG meets. because we conducted our KanchiLUG meets in temple for nearly one year in the past.
  • owner of Siva Kalvi Nilayam
  • HCL Technologies Training center, Kanchipuram
  • our friend Dhastha’s parents for the cooperation to conduct KanchiLUG meet in their home.
  • Sri Narayanaguru Marticulation School Management.

At last we celebrate the 100th weekly meet by cutting the cake and distribute to all members.

Mr.Mohan take snaps during the function held on by his digital cam. And the images are shown below.

View all other images in this link:

Presentation Document is here,


4 Responses to 100th Weekly meet Celebration of KanchiLUG

  1. arulalant says:

    Hai team,

    Really I am so happy to be a part of our kanchilug team from the beginning…

    Myself started the kanchilug with 4 friends by the concept of ‘just do it and it leads us’….

    Yes, it leads us upto 100th week of the kanchilug meetup….

    Its great…

    Most importantly, the new kanchilug members have to lead the upcoming lug meetup, by exploring foss and conducting more workshops, LDD, seminars, and more….

    Why cant we set the next 100 weeks goals ?

    Set more goals and keep on walk towards it…

    all the members of the kanchilug, should be with you always to walk behind you (new members of kanchilug)…

    Keep love the foss and freedom…

    Hats off,

  2. Dhastha says:

    I miss you KLUG. Keep rocking.

    Great efforts.

    Set new goals , achieve it. I am very proud to be part of Klug member.

    I was interested to atten this 100 th meeting through online, but I cant, because currently Kanchilug meeting place doesnt have internet facility.

    In future, we will solve this problem.

    Thanks to who all are participated in 100th meet.

  3. Balakrishnan says:

    Great Guys…

    It is a wonderful achievement, am very happy and proud to say that Member of Kanchi Linux Group.

    I hope that we will make it as endless victory to Kanchi LUG.

    Kanchi LUG Rockzzzzzz…

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