Demo on Basic Linux commands

Date : 24/ 07/ 11 Week : 98 People : 10

Time : 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Location : Shri Narayana Guru  Matriculation School

Attendees : Sathishkumar, Shanmugasundaram, Rajkumar, Nagarajan, Manimaran, Deepak, Praveen and Selvamani(Myself).

New Attendees :  Mohan – Web developer, Manivannan – doing final year BE(Computer Science) in AMACE, Kanchipuram.


Mr. Shanmugasundaram started to taken a class over basic commands in Ubuntu. He explained each commands and gave demo for it. He also explained diffrent users(root, normal user, and others) and their permissions to a directory and its files(read, write, and execute).

The basic commands file is given in the following link linux basic commands.

Booming GNU/Linux,

செல்வமணி. ச


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