Intro about OpenOffice and Basic commands

Date : 10/ 07/ 11 Week : 96 People : 13

Time : 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Location : Shri Narayana Guru  Matriculation School

Attendees :  Praveen, Shanbagavalli, Logeswari.S, Logeswari.V, Ganasoundari, Bharkavi, Ilayaraja, Sugapriyan, Dhanalakshmi, Nagaraj,  Balakrishnan and Rajkumar(Myself).

New Attendees : V. Sathish final year MCA in Madras University, Chennai.

Discussion :  Introduction about OpenOffice and Basic commands

I give an introduction about OpenOffice word processor, Spreadsheet, Impress and its features like pdf format then save as various format to open in windows machine and etc.,  and showed basic commands of linux.

Finally, we discussed about to conduct LDD(Linux Demo Day) in kanchipuram. we planed to conduct, end of this month. Next week we schedule the programs.

Thank You,

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ராஜ்குமார். ச


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