Conducted Workshop on PHP

Hello to all,

As mentioned before, Kanchi LUG team organized and conducted the PHP Workshop very successfully,

Today we started the PHP workshop successfully. People started to assemble in the place from 3.30 P.M., they settled at 4.00 P.M. Rajkumar welcome the students for workshop, also explained about for what purpose we are conducting workshops. After his welcome speech, I started to take the session of HTML. Obviously, students are eager to learn new things from us. Totally we had 7 laptops and  9 students we shared the laptops respectively. When i explain the code they worked it in laptop and got live experience, so they understand more than usually. Also we gave some simple task after completing every concept. I take 2 hours to finish the basics of HTML with examples and some tasks.
After than, Rajkumar started to handle CSS with his talk, students observed his points. Later he also explained with live examples to the students. Due to rain we windup the session at 7.15 P.M.

Today we started day2 session at 3.30 P.M., peoples are arrived timely. Mr.Rajkumar continues css balance topics with live example. He take half an hour to finish the Css basis. Then Mr.Balakrishnan started javascript session. He explained javascript basis with live code example.
After this session he gave one task combine javascript and html, the student more interactive with us by asking doubts. Finally Ms.Priya gave php intro and installation instruction. We windup the session at 7.00 P.M. Tomorrow Ms.Priya start php code session.

On the third day of PHP workshop, we got crowd of 3 students additionally. Priya Starts with the remembrance of previous day to student people. Then she tells about PHP and for what are all things we can do with PHP, after telling those stuff. She gets straightly into Scripting. While she teaching the concept, side by side she also wrote examples related to the topics, students also worked it out the examples and got results successfully.
Especially, in this day we got more interaction with the students by asking questions, getting acknowledgement whether they understand the concepts or not… like these way really we interact with them. They liked the way of approach by our Team, Also some students finished the task which was assigned on previous class; Congrats to those students. 🙂

Day – 4:
At this day, we are assembled at 4.00 p.m. sharply. Certainly priya starts with revision of previous session, after then she narrated the things which are used to interact with users. So, session was very excitement and interactivity. To keep the students very active we leave some break for 10 min to refresh them. After the break they worked very fast to complete the given task. Finally we windup the session at 7.00 p.m. Sharply.

Day – 5:
Today by the change we started the session with Dhasthagheer and Vishnu, They gave some tips and tricks regarding PHP as they known. They also told about why it is used, and how can we use the PHP more effective. After their introduction priya started to tell about Backend called Mysql. Most of the students are new to Database so she explained from Core. Students really liked to work with sql queries, then she told about how to connect PHP with Database using simple methods. She also provide some examples regarding the concepts.
Finally we windup the session with few messages and positive thoughts to students. Actually they, liked all the sessions also they are very much eager to learn about FOSS and to contribute FOSS. Really we had a good sessions with those guys.


1. S. Pravin
2. T. Kamalakannan
3. T. Udhaya
4. Mrs. Prema
5. S. Balaji
6. V. Senthi Kumar
7. R. Manimaran
8. Mr. Sethuraman
9. M. Deepak
10. M. Sathish
11. Mr. Pasupathi
12. R. Yuvraj

We would like to thank the guys who are all co-operated for the Workshop. And a special thanks to Shakthi ITI who gave place for conducting workshop.

Thank You,

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan.


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  1. php ranjan says:

    can u please provide the information about the php such tat it vl be helpful for the other students also

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