Two Days Workshop on Python


Greetings to Everyone!

After some time again Kanchilug arranged a wonderful opportunity to Newbies for learning python programming language. Yes! Kanchi Lug Team organized a Two days Workshop on Python. Which is dated on 22-05-2011 & 23-05-2011 at Mr. Shrinivasan Home. Also we have conducted the workshop in a successful manner.

The reason for conducting python workshop is to enhance the skill of programming among the students. Obviously we decided to make the workshop more useful for students, so we gave a live demo to them.

Day 1: First day Session starts at 1 P.M. Sharply in Shrinivasan home, at starting Five members are assembled namely Pravin, Suresh, Nagarajan, Dhasthagheer, Shrinivasan. Dhasthagheer started to give intro about Python programming they covered python basics at 5 P.M. after then they asked their doubts and clarifications regarding python. Session windup at 6 P.M.

Day 2: Second day session starts with half an hour late due to power cut. In this day the place had quite strength than yesterday, Pravin, Nagarajan, Senthil, Manimaran, Logesh prabhu, Shrinivasan, Balakrishnan(Myself). Yeah two newbies were came for the session, also I am the person to handle the entire session. As told before lack of power we started to explain with a Note book and a Pen, then give intro about python programming language and how to write a hello world in python. After then power resumed back we started to work in laptops, we had 4 laptops we shared the laptops to work. while finishing the explanation of every concept we assigned some simple task to students so they can learn quickly and think effectively about the task.

We Completed overall of the python basics with examples. We shared python ebooks for more examples and explanation. Finally the session windup at 6 P.M. Sharply.

Comments from the students:

    We really utilized the session and also the efforts taken by the Kanchi LUG to improve the knowledge among students is a good work. We heartly thanks for providing this opportunity to us. Definitely we too learn python completely and teach to some more new students.

Thank You.

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan


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