FOSS workshop at Adhiparasakthi Engineering College

Place : Adhiparasakthi College of Engineering College, Kalavai, Vellore.

Date : 19/03/2011.

Adhiparasakthi College of Engineering conducted one day FOSS workshop. Mr. Shrinivasan, Co-ordinator of ILUGC got a call from Mrs. Kavitha, Lecturer, Adhiparasakthi College of Engineering for one day FOSS workshop. Mr. Raman, ILUGC member, was invited to take the whole day session over FOSS workshop. Mr. Shrinivasan gave the chance to me(Selvamani) and PraveenKumar to co-operate with Mr. Raman.

We reached there by 9.30 AM. They welcomed and hospitalized us. The innaguration function started around 10.00 AM. Principal gave the nice talk about LUG activities. After some formalities, Mr. Raman started to give the talk about FOSS, GPL, its features, its support in commercial world for one hour.

After tea break, we moved to computer lab. There were 30 system with Ubuntu 10.10. Mr. Raman was showing the alternative Open Source Software in Linux. Then, Mr. Praveenkumar gave demo in compiz, gimp and audacity. Students were too impressed by Compiz Settings Manager, Audacity, and GIMP. After demo class, students explored the linux softwares in Ubuntu by logging in into each systems in the lab and got clarification for their doubts. The session was going on upto afternoon.

By post-lunch, We started to give a demo over programming language. I gave the practical demo to python using python Interactive mode for one hour. I explained them the python basics such as Datatypes (Decimal numbers, String, list, tuple and dictionary), control flow structures, classes etc.,

Mr. Raman showed the source code of kernel. He again shared some details about projects to students. Finally, The session ended with Question and Answers.

After the workshop session,  They issued the participant certificates to the students who attended the workshop from other colleges.

We winded up there by the evening 5.30 pm. We entertained the whole day with very good knowledge.

Booming GNU/Linux,

செல்வமணி. ச


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