Regarding Carte Blanche 2011

hi friends.,
last Saturday and Sunday we the Kanchi lug members participated in the carte blanche 2011;

The day one starts on 10.30am on 5th feb with the nice session on Drupal, There are 5 members from our lug are participated on that session.

The first session starts with CMS and installation of drupal7 by the drupal commity members Mr. Shivaji and Mrs. Shamala,
while the installation session some of the participants got several errors the the first session takes long to finish,
and our members guided the participants to solve those errors and it ends at 2pm.

The last session starts 2.30pm and our ilugc member master. Kumaran also participated on that session.
It is going on the concepts of working on the drupal and how to write the modules for the drupal.

Then the gave a complements to some of the participants who took over some volunteer works on the full day session.,
This session ends at 4.30pm with the good response from the participants.

Day 2 starts some of the carte blanche events and stalls from the students of MIT, JFC, Kongu eng. college, and also from our lug, on simultaneously some of the workshops also done.

the Wikipedia conducted four sessions on the whole day and another part is on “Hands on with osCommerce” from the In1ventures Private Limited Director – Mr.Senthil Kumar,
and Ms.Sunitha Ranagarajan – Sr. Manager –Technology, OpenSoft.

There two stalls are took place in that event by our kanchi lug : 1. Keryx (Bala Krishna and Praveen [my self])
2. Making Video tutorials. (Nagaraj)

Then two volunteers from Wikipedia was visited our stall and they invited our members for their next meet,
and also informed ours to post our ubuntu tamil manual and our tamil video tutorials [ on progress] on the wiki.

There is a debate too on the day 2. The topic is “which needs to the students to their life – foss or proprietary.
Mr. Thiyagarajan shanmugam – ilugc member was judged that debate and i too participated on that debate.

Our Guys :

1. Mr. T. shrinivasan.,
2. Mr. Dasthageer.,
3. Mr. Balakrishnan.,
4. Ms.Priya.,
5. Mr. Nagaraj.,
6. Mr. Praveen (myself)


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