Drupal Installation & Python 2.7 Vs Python 3.1

Date : 06/ 02/ 11 Week : 78 People : 9

Time  : 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Location : Sri Narayana Guru School.

Discussion : Drupal Installation & Python 2.7 Vs Python 3.1

Attendees  : Dhasthagheer, Elango, Sanmuga sundaram, Rajkumar, Manikandan, Nehru, Logesh, Manimaran and Selvamani (Myself).


Dhasthagheer gave the installation demo over Drupal.

Drupal is a content management system that makes use of modules to allow site administrators to organize and display content, customize appearance and manage routine tasks, such as registration for websites requiring user names and passwords.

It is the link to download the Drupal package Download Drupal.

After downloading it & unzipping drupal tar file as folder, he places it into localhost server(/var/www in file system). Then, he runs drupal in the client browser Firefox. He explained the installation steps one by one. First he created a database in mysql database externally. Then he created a blog with some user name and configured a defaul settings file for drupal. Finally, in few steps, he created a blog in a name. It has all the modules for administrating a website. The user can customize it according to the users’ needs.

Myself (Selvamani) explained some new features added which was been lacking in Python 2.7 to the Python 3.1. I gave the demo using both Python 2.7 Interpreter and Python 3.1 Interpreter about those features such as output of divisonal operator, file object creation, dictionary’s ordered list, Indentation exceptional error, format specifier etc., To know more details of the new features in Python 3.1, use this link New Python 3.1 Features

Booming GNU/Linux,

செல்வமணி.  ச


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