Two Days Php Workshop

The Day one of PHP workshop was good.
We got 16 participants.

Mr. Shrinivasan covered the basics of web, internet, history on apache, php, web development etc.

We shared the laptops and practiced the basics in PHP.

Dhasthageer covered the second session on functions, form,
Then Mr. Shrinivasan took session handling and cookies.

The Day Two Starts at 10am with the same strength,
Then Mr. Kumaresan and Mr. Deivanayagam shared about class, methods, objects, db and normalization.

We thank our guest lectures for thier support

Attendies : Raj Kumar, Dhastha geer, Shanmugam, Elango, Bala Krishnan, Manigandan, Yassir, Nagaraj, Raghu, Priya, Permavathi, Nithya, Udhaya and Praveen (Myself)

Guest Lectures : T. Shrinivasan., Mr. Kumaresan and Mr. Deivanayagam.


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