2011 amazing entry in “amace”

Hi friends.,

This year our Kanchi Lug got a amazing entry in the *AMACE* (Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering, Vadamavandal, Kanchipuram)

Ya today our kanchiLug team went there to give the foss seminar. there 120 students from the 2nd and 3rd year students of B.E (CSE & IT) attend the seminar.

Our guys bala, elango, nagaraj, manimaran and myself(praveen) went there to present the seminar.
We started our speech at 11.00 am., first we started to speek about what is open source which was given by Mr.Bala,

Then i (praveen) spoke the foss history, again bala continued about what is the need to use the Gnu/linux operating system, its
adavntages, etc., As a live demo Mr.Elango showed the installation and explained about the file system, architecture and swap area.

Mr.Nagaraj then presented his presentations on what are the
applications avaliable, how to install the packages and showed some compiz effects. Next i(praveen) told how to contribute to foss and about kanhilug. Then Mr.Bala gave a small introduction about python. As the end of the session we played the Big Bug Bunny video. Finally we windup at 1.00pm

And one more thing is this is the college where our kanchilug member Mr.T.Shrinivasan finished his college.

We specially thank to *AMACE* principle, Mr.Senthamiz selvan, and Mrs.Vidhya to gave a nice oppurtunity for us.
Then they invited us to make stalls on their college event of next month also they plan to conduct a python workshop for two days.


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