2011 Goals

Date : 02/ 01/ 11 Week : 73 People : 12

Time  : 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Location : Arulalan Home

Discussion : Goals for 2011

Attendees  : Balakrishnan, Dhastha, Elango, Shanmugam, Selvakumar, Praveen, Rajkumar, Nagaraj, Suresh, Shrinivasan, Logesh and Selvamani(Myself).

KanchiLUG steps forward and starts its new year with pleasure and taking the following  KanchiLUG goals.

Goals for 2011

1. Everyone should select a project from GSOC and contribute to it

2. Everyone should be specialized atleast in one programming language within three months

3. Conduct PHP workshop within January

4. Approach colleges for taking classes in each and every month

5. Screen-casting (Spoken Tutorial) on the weekly basis in Tamil or English

6. One Tamil Article in monthly basis

7. LDD (Linux Demo Day)

8. Approach Schools for KLUG weekly meeting

9. Ubuntu Release Party

10. Boot-camp

11. KanchiLUG T-Shirt & Linux T-Shirt

12. Ubuntu Manual to be freezed

13. Tally (Dream project)

14. Creating prior Schedule of weekly meeting

15. Part of the KLUG session must be in English

And continuing the same job done in the last year along with these goals.


Booming GNU/Linux,

செல்வமணி. ச


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