Interactive FOSS session with kids

Kanchilug members A.Dhasthagheer and Selvamani conducted One hour FOSS session with kids.

Chennai, Birla planetarium authority Mr. Lenin Organized One hour FOSS session with Kids(7th to 9th) on Dec 30 2010. Shrinivasan asked them to conduct this session. This program only for Kids. So Dhasthagheer called Mr. Selvamani to accompany with him.  The session was started at exactly 10am.  At beginning what they thought is “All kids are looking small, so they does not know anything about Operating system. So It will take so hard to make them clear understand about Linux”. But after started to take session they felt that their thought is wrong. Everyone of there had experience with Windows.

Dhasthagheer and Selvamani started to talk with student with as usual story of Ritchard M Stalman and Linus Torvalt. Everyone impressed with Linux. They showed Ubuntu and its compiz features. Then they played BigBugBunny animation clip. All kids enjoyed this.

Next question session. Followings are some question, which they never expected from them

1. At the session they explained about kernal orally. A 8th standard student asked me that ” How can I see the source code of kernal?”. Thats it, a few second we was kept silent.
2. How can I install linux in my system?
3. Where can I get help regarding linux?
4. Some kids said, can you give your mobile number? I will call you with my dad, and elder brother and explain them about linux.
5. How to play games?
6. One student asked me a critical question that is “Linux is a free OS and have all kinds of softwares, then Why it is not famous. I mean why we dont know about linux?
7. Will Linux affect by virus

Really amazing. right?


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  1. Ravi says:


    really amazing…

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