Delhi Lug inspired on Kanchi Lug :-)

Dear All,


[ Right now I am in IIT Delhi, joined here as Project Associate ]

Yesterday I attended the FOSS meetup in Delhi and took an intro class about "Python".

The happiest thing is, when I gave an introduction about myself to them like

* I am (Arulalan.T) the founder of Kanchi Linux User Group,…

few active delhi lug people shouted like "Isnt it ?".

They are inspired very much about kanchilug activities and regulation of conducting meetups.

Especially they people know about us, because of

OAOD -sending by Dhastha
Tips – sending by Tha.Suresh
ODOC – sms – sent by me and right now sending by BalaKrishnan.

One of them told me like, he planned to visit our kanchilug meetup. 🙂

I am really proud to say like "I am part of the KanchiLug".

Really Great Guys/Gals.

We have to proud for this.

This is our start stage only.

We have to go beyond more miles.

@kanchilug active members :

Please try to create more awareness about FOSS over all the colleges situated in Kanchipuram.

So that KanchiLug should be in active even we (current members) moved away from kanchi for their carriers after few months/years.

We always rocks.

Thanks to all of the kanchilug mailing list members for your support and encouragement.
Keep doing the same.

Thanks & Regards,


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