How to contribute on GSOC, Keryx

Date : 19/ 12/ 10 Week : 71 People : 12

Time  : 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Location : Dhastha’s Home

Topics Discussed : How to contribute on GSOC, Keryx

Attendees  : Sanmugam, Rajkumar, Seenuvasan, Nagaraj, BalaKrishnan, Loganathan, Manimaran, Manikandan,Loganathan, Yasir, Magesh and Dhastha (Myself)

Discussion :

Mr Rajkumar explained how to contribute on GSOC, Keryx. To encourage student google conducting google summer of code every year. List of Organization who participating in GSOC  are here ( He explained the importance of contribution for open source.

Next , as we seen in the last week, again he explained about Keryx, and gave intro about how to contribute on Keryx (

We also discussed about when we go to  colleges around Kanchipuram to give intro about linux.



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