Upcoming schedule of Kanchilug & Sintel video, Project discuss

Session I:

Date : 03/10 / 10   Week : 13  People : 6

Time : 10.00 am to 11.30 am

Location : Kailasanathar Temple

Topics Discussed : Upcoming schedule of kanchilug

Attendees : gopi, balaji, karthik, Arulalan, Selvamani, Rajkumar

Discussion :

Arulalan discussed about upcoming schedule of kanchilug. Project for final year discussion also undertaken


Session II:

Date : 03/ 10/ 10 Week : 66 People : 12

Time  : 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Location : Dhastha’s Home

Topics Discussed : Sintel video & Project

Attendees  : Dhastha,  Logeshprabu, Balakrishnan, Sanmugam, Rajkumar and Shrinivasan, Selvamani, Arulalan, Gopi, Balaji, Karthik.

New Attendees: Venkat. He completed MCA

Discussion :

Srinivasan showed one fantastic video sintel. It is a Durian Open movie project (http://www.sintel.org/). And we discussed about final year projects for those who pursuing final year. Srinivasan shows some google summer of code project to them.


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