Video editing tools, GIMP & SFD preparations

Session I:

Date : 05/ 09 / 10   Week : 10  People : 13

Time : 10.00 am to 11.30 pm

Location : Kailasanathar Temple

Topics Discussed : Video editing tools & SFD

Attendees : Karthick, Nandha kumar, Gopi, Manimaran, Balaji, Nehru, Panneer selvam, Rajesh, Yassir, Elango, Arulalan, Pravin and  myself(Rajkumar).

Discussion :

Praveen explained  how to work on Pitivi, Openshot (Video editing tools)  and he showed live demo like as how cut the video, join the video and various effects.

And he shows some GIMP tools and worked on it.

Finally me and Arulalan talks about the preparations of SFD (Software Freedom Day) stalls.


Session II:

Date : 05/ 09/ 10 Week : 64 People : 11

Time  : 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Location : Dhastha’s Home

Topics Discussed : SFD preparations

Attendees  : Vishnu, Dhastha,  Logeshprabu, Loganathan, Manikandan, Balakrishnan, Priya, Praveen, Nagaraj, Yaasir, Arulalan

Discussion :

we discussed about SFD stalls  and finalize to give the demos

All of us put stall in various topics of  Linux as

1. OpenOffice – writer, spreadsheet, presentation

2. Gimp

3. Python

4. Ruby

5. Jython

6. Big Blue Button

7. Multi OS in single DVD

8. CMS (Joomla, WordPress)

9.  NoSql


11. ScreenCasts for Python, Ruby, WordPress, Html, Synaptic, MySql,
Postgres, Openshot, Pitivie, Tamil Lay Out , Record-my-desktop, Glade,, compiz, why-foss, History, etc  in TAMIL

12. GAMES – 3 to 5 3D Games and more 2D games

13.1 Video Editing Tools demo – OpenShot, Pitivi, etc
13.2 Audio Editing Tool – Audacity

All are doing screen casting as various topics. On SFD we shows the screen castings and give them the copy to audience.

Also we participated in #ilugc-in IRC of chennai lug and discussed about SFD at 5pm via Internet




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