Introduction To Ruby & Ubuntu GlobalBugJam

Session I:

Date : 29/ 08 / 10   Week : 09  People : 5+1

Time : 10.30 am to 12.45 pm

Location : Kailasanathar Temple

Topics Discussed : Introduction to Ruby

Attendees : Balaji, Pannerselvam, Manimaran, Rajesh, Shrinivasan

New Attendees: Tamizh

Discussion :

Shrinivasan gave Introduction to Ruby by presenting his slides


This slide may helps to u, to learn about Ruby within 15 min !

Link :

This is a very simplest pdf book to learn about “Ruby”, and this pdf was made by  Shrinivasan

Balaji will be taken to prepare the Python  Tamil book. He is very interested in python


Session II:

Date : 29/ 08/ 10 Week : 63 People : 11

Time  : 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Location : Arulalan’s Home

Topics Discussed : Ubuntu GlobalBugJam

Attendees  : Arulalan, Elango, Manikandan, Loganathan, Shrinivasan, Priya, Dhastha, Nagarajan,   Yassir Araffath, Balakrishnan and Rajkumar(myself).

Discussion :

What is the Global Jam?

A world-wide online and face-to-face event to get people together to fix Ubuntu bugs – we want to get as many people online fixing bugs, having a great time doing so, and putting their brick in the wall for free software. This is not only a great opportunity to really help Ubuntu, but to also get together with other Ubuntu fans to make a difference together, either via your LoCo team, your LUG, other free software group, or just getting people together in your house/apartment to fix bugs and have a great time.

In KanchiLUG, we ran a “BugJam”.  We all had thoughts of reporting bugs on ubuntu. But, never got an intro to these processes. This BugJam day gave us a offer to learn those things.

Today, created an account for  4 members in, other ‘s are already have
Learnt the Lifecycle of a Bug.
We all filed a bug .
Learnt the process of Bug Triaging.
Learnt on How to find a proper package for Triaging.
Got the list of Bugs does not contain proper packages.
We all set the proper package for 5-10 Bugs, each.
Decided to set package for at-least 5 bugs a day.

Some links to learn more about this.




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