GIMP, Python Intro & One Day Demo at SRM Univ and SFD

Session I:

Date : 08/ 08 / 10   Week : 06  People : 8+2

Time : 10.00 am to 12.45 pm

Location : Kailasanathar Temple

Topics Discussed : Gimp & Python – Introduction

Attendees : Gopi, Balaji, Karthick, Selvam, Sathish, Yassir, Arul,  and Selvamani(Myself)

New Attendees: Arun and Nagaraj

About Attendees: Arun and Nagaraj are doing their final year MCA in Saveetha Engineering College

Discussion :

Arulalan gave the introduction to the GIMP and then he started to give the live demo on GIMP. He explained that what are all the tools available and how it can be used to play with the image. He went through the menus that are useful for manipulating image as one needs.

Finally, I bring python introduction to the people. I explained about python that how it is useful for programming and its strength and power of its core library. Then, i gave the brief introduction on programming on Procedure Oriented, Object Oriented Programming. Again, Arulalan took over his part on giving intro over GUI Programming and Database  Connection(PostgreSQL) and Web framework using Django.


Session II:

Date : 08/ 08/ 10 Week : 61 People : 9

Time  : 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Location : Dhasthagheer’s Home

Topics Discussed : One Day Demo at SRM University & Software Freedom Day(SFD in Chennai and Kanchipuram)

Attendees  : Arulalan, Elango, Rajkumar, Dhastha, Nagarajan, Shanmugam,  Yassir Araffath, Balakrishnan and Selvamani(myself).

Discussion :

SRM University located in Potheri At Chengalpat Road. We discussed the sessions to be conducted there on whole day on 21st August.

Basic Morning Session:

History of FOSS, Installation Demo, Beginning with compiz, Openoffice

Technical Noon Session :

PHP and Python

SFD Participation

Discussion was about Projects in SFD by KanchiLUG at ilugc(Birla Planitorium) on 18th September.

For Beginners



GIMP / Inkscape

Ruby, Python, PHP


Mysql, PostgreSQL


For Advanced


Multiple os in single dvd

Web Application

Splitting various Musics to Speakers and Headset

Big Blue Button

And Finally,

Kanchilug is having an idea to celebrate SFD in Kanchipuram before on 18 Sept or after one week.

We decided to celebrate SFD in Kanchipuram to give the awareness to public. We discussed what are all the possibilities to conduct the SFD. The only thing was cost resource. We estimated the total cost based on the expenses that would occur. and  The expenses would be approximately 7500 Rupees for SFD in Kanchipuram and KLUG have 1000 as an initial amount. If We have enough sponsors from someone who supports us for the SFD to be celebrated in Kanchipuram, it will be possible to conduct it this year. Possibly we expect that we will get sponsors.Otherwise, we  look forward to celebrate it in the next year at our own cost.

Guest all coming from ilugc, mit, avit, jaya engg for SFD.

Booming GNU/Linux,

செல்வமணி. ச


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