KLUG: OO Presentaions , LTSP Demo and Perl Intro

Session I: New Batch

Date : 25 / 07 / 10Week : 04 People : 12+1

Time : 10.00 am to 12.45 pm

Location : Kailasanathar Temple

Topics Discussed : Open Office Presentations

Attendees : Sugumar, Selvam, Kathur Basha, Pavithra, Murugesa kani, Shakthi, Balaji, Mohan Raj, Rajesh, Selvamani, Nagaraj and Arulalan (myself).

Guest : Mr.Raman ( From ilugc )

Discussion : I took presentation about how to use open office impress.


And presented about , Death by power point ‘ . By this way we explained them , how to prepare presentations/slides.


Also we showed them presentations of "Pani Pori ", "Bajji", etc. which are all created by kanchilug guys [ first batch kanchilug guys ],





They are planned to do presentations on funny+tech.

Finally Raman Sir gave a small boostup talk about jobs in open source to the new kanchilug guys.

Next Week:

Open office Presentations by new kanchilug members


Session II:

Date : 25/ 07 / 10Week : 59 People : 10+1

Time : 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Location : Dhasthagheer’s Home

Topics Discussed : LTSP Demo and Perl Introduction

Attendees : Rajkumar, Selvamani, Nagarajan, Logesh prabhu, Yassir Araffath, Balakrishnan, Praveen, Gopi, Shrinivasan and myself(Arulalan).

Guest : Mr.Raman ( From ilugc )

Discussion : Raman Sir showed demo of LTSP ( Linux Terminal Server Project ) .
He used his debian laptop as LTSP server and connected one client laptop as client.
He explained how the LTSP is working very clearly.


Then he gave an introduction about "PERL" Language. WoW. Its nice language. Easy to understand.
He used his own documentation to take class about perl,
Nice one.
Here we attached that.


Thanks to Raman Sir.



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