Dawn of the Net Tamil Version


This is Priya.

I am very glad to say this.  Yesterday I finished my “Dawn of the Net” work.

This is the tamil version of the video “Warriors of the Net” available in www.warriorsofthe.net.

How I did:

I did the work with my friend’s help. In first thing I thank to Mr. Shrinivasan, who encouraged me to do the work then Bala Krishnan, who translated the whole video into Tamil and the KanchiLug Rocks for their help.

For the work I used audacity, mencoder and ffmpeg.

First we translated the video into tamil. Then we split the video based on the time line.

Then I gave dubbing in several clips and merged all the clips in correct time line used by audacity.

Then had to separate the video and audio in the English version

mencoder -idx -ovc copy -nosound input.avi -o outfile.avi

To merge the video and the tamil dubbed audio

mencoder yourvideo -audiofile youraudio -ovc copy -oac copy -o result.mpg

To convert the video format into mp4

ffmpeg -i video_origine.mpg video_finale.mp4

Finally I did.

Its for our Tamil :
To download:


K. Priya


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