Discussed about patterns and copyrights By FSFTN Team

Session I:

Date : 11 / 07 / 10Week : 02 + 57 People : 34+3

Time : 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Location : Kailasanathar Temple

Topics Discussed : Discussed about patterns and copyrights

Guests : Sidhardha , Shannu, Welkin ( From FSFTN )

Attendees :

Suresh, Rajkumar, Dhasthageer, Yaasir, Praveen, Shanmugam, Logeshprabhu, Shrinivasan, Balakrishnan,

Elango, Selvamani, Selvam, Manikandan, Sathish, Dhanasekar, Gopi, Manimaran, Rajesh, Priya, Mahalakshmi and Arulalan (myself)

New Attendees :

Karthik , Saravanan, Dilli Baskar, Valvaai, Sindhuja, Usharani, Shakthi, Murugesakani, Pavithra, Dilli,
Nandhakumar, Mohan ,Sudharshan

About Attendees:

Karthik , Saravanan, Dilli Baskar , Valvaai – Final year Bsc(CS) in Pachaiyappas College for Men ,Kanchipuram.

Nandhakumar, Mohan – Second year MCA doing in Saveetha Engineering College

Sindhuja, Usharani, – Final year Bsc(CS) in Pachaiyappas College for Men, Kanchipuram

Shakthi, Murugesakani – Third year BE(CSE) in Kanchi Pallavan Engineering College

Pavithra – Third year BE(CSE) in RajivGandhi Engineering College

Discussion :

From FSFTN ( Free Software Foundation TamilNadu ) Mr.Sidhardha , Mr. Shannu, Mr. Welkin were come from chennai

to gave a talk to kanchilug members. Mr.Sidhardha gave a wonderful talk about patterns and copyrights.

He told many stories and clearly explained  about that. ( Everything in english only)

Nice. one and half an hour he gave a wonderful speech.

Thanks to them.

Then myself and Shrinivasan explained regarding Kanchilug activities to the new Kanchilug members

and how they can learn in upcoming days.

Here after they will be the active members of Kanchilug. 🙂

then Praveen, Yaasir, Gopi showed demo of ubuntu, compizeffect , OO, etc.,

To view more snaps here :


Next Week:

Ubuntu Installation for new batch.

More commands

Date : 18.07.2010

Place :

Session1: Kailasanathar temple

Session2: Dhasthageer home




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