Boot Camp-1: Day-6

Date: 05.06.2010                  Duration: 3.00 pm t0 7 pm.

participants: 20

Attendees: 20 partcipants + 14 KanchiLug Members

The class was sharply started at 3.20pm
Suji and Malathi started to teach the class Database MySQL. In middle of the session Suresh showed some Games. In the second session Priya explained PostgreSQL.

Finally, I (Selvamani) and Rajkumar explained and showed demo for subversion.

At the end of the session, Mr. Shrinivasan gave some speech to students for commiting their time with this BootCamp and invited them for Ubuntu 10.04(LTS) Release party.

Before closing the bootcamp, all of us took the Photographs combined with the students.

In the first 2 hour session, Suji and Malathi explained what is database, why it is used for, MySQL queries in MySQL prompt and how to dump Database and how to shift to another system through Terminal. Further, they showed the GUI application phpmyadmin.

After finishing MySQL session, Suresh showed some games like Alien Arena, Tux Racer and more 3D games.

Then we gave break for 15 minutes to give refreshment to students.

After that Priya continued the next session with PostgreSQL. She explained that how to start PostgreSQL using psql prompt in Terminal. PostgreSQL supports some special features called Inheritance for tables. She explained that how to use predefined functions in Queries and Inheritance Concepts in tables.

Moreover, Priya showed the GUI application PgAdmin III for PostgreSQL and explained how to create database and table for a database in this application.

Finally, Myself and Rajkumar explained Repository, Working Copies, Revisions, Branches and Trunks concept.

After finishing our todays session, All of us took the Photographs combined with students for this first BootCamp.

Finally we closed the Session around 7.15 pm.

This Bootcamp has really given us a great experience. Here, we would like to say thanks to Sakthi ITI who made our Bootcamp successful.  We would really be grateful to Sakthi ITI for providing place and great support to conduct our first Bootcamp at Kanchipuram. All of us thanks to Mr. Anbu and Mrs. Uma Mageswari Anbu, Head of Sakthi ITI.

Place: Sakthi ITI, Madam Street, Kanchipuram-01

Tomorrow Schedule : Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS) Release party and Tamil Ubuntu Manual Guide Release.

செல்வமணி. ச


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