Boot Camp-1: Day-5

Date: 04.06.2010                  Duration: 3.30 pm t0 7 pm.

participants: 20

Attendees: 20 partcipants + 12 KanchiLug Members
The class was sharply started at 3.30pm
Balakrishnan and Selvamani started to teach the class about Python programming language. At the end of the session, Mr. Shrinivasan gave some speech to the students for Job opportunities in FOSS World.

In the first 2 hour session, I Selvamani explained some basic easy and simple syntax available in Python, more in-built methods for manipulating String, List, Tuple, and Dictionary.

Then we gave break for 15 minutes to refresh themselves by providing Tea & Biscuits.

After that I continued Python with Functions, Modules and Class.

Then Arulalan explained some Exception handlings. He has shown some special features in Python 3.0 on which we can create program code in our regional language. He created a program in tamil language except the keywords and in-built methods.

To view the Python program code in Tamil Language and also in Malayalam Language, Please follow this link Python Program Code in Tamil and Malayalm Language.

In the last 20 minutes Mr. Shrinivasan who is the coordinator of ilugc gave some valuable speech about fossjobs. Here is link to know more foss(free and open source software) job opportunities in many platforms FOSS Jobs.

Finally we closed the Session around 7.15 pm.

Place: Sakthi ITI,Madam Street,Kanchipuram-01

Tomorrow class: DataBase (MySql, PostgreSQL, connecting these database with PHP, Ruby and Python) and some interesting Games in Linux.

செல்வமணி. ச

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