Boot Camp-1: Day-4

Date: 03.06.2010                  Duration: 3 pm t0 7 pm.

participants: 21

Attendees: 21 partcipants + 10 KanchiLug Members
The class was sharply started at 3.00pm
Arullan started to teach the class over ruby programming language, how to make a connection with Database MySql and how to use the ruby language with Glade that is used to create GUI Application quickly. At the end of the session, Mr. Thyagarajan sir gave some speech to the students.

In the first 2 hour session, he explained some basic easy and simple syntax available in ruby, more of the in-built methods for manipulating Strings and Array.

Then we gave break for 15 minutes to refresh themselves by providing Tea & Biscuits.

After that Rajkumar displayed some visual effects using Combizconfig Settings available in Ubuntu. Students really amazed watching some advanced settings like 3D Desktop, Rotate Cube, Paint in fire, Wobbly window, Water effects and etc.,

People are enjoyed. :-)

Again Arulalan continued Ruby with Files Concept, Class and Database MySql connection and manipulating tables in Ruby and explained how to create a GUI Application using Glade and Ruby.

In the last 15 minutes Mr. Thyagarajan sir(from ilugc) gave some valuable speech on Ruby and appreciate the students who attended the camp for their future developments.

Finally we closed the Session around 7.15 pm.

Place: Sakthi ITI,Madam Street,Kanchipuram-01

Tomorrow class: Python

செல்வமணி. ச


4 Responses to Boot Camp-1: Day-4

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