Boot Camp-1: Day-3

Boot Camp-1 : Day-3:

Date: 02.06.2010                  Duration: 3pm t0 7pm.

participations: 21

Attendees: 21+7 KanchiLug Members
The class was sharply started at 3.00pm
Dhasthagheer started with History of  PHP and installation process in linux . Also explained about apache web server concept.

In the first 2 hours he explained about basic coding in php with the live example of loop,array,function.class,object,etc.,

Then we gave break for 15 minutes to refresh themselves by Tea & Biscuits(Provided).

After that we played ” Big Buck Bunny ” animated movie done by Blender  Group.

People are enjoyed. 🙂

Again dhasthagheer continued the php with form creation , methods (GET,POST), cache,PhpMyadmin, etc.,

In the last 15 minutes myself(Arulalan.T) explained about job opportunity in  Php.

Then, how to prepare Resume for open source company. How the open source candidate resume should be different from normal student’s resume. ( we have to highlight our skills in linux and have to put the links of  the projects hosted in net by us , etc., )

Finally I showed  very little demo on how to use Open Office word,spread sheet,presentation and we end up the class at 7.00pm..

Place: Sakthi ITI,Madam Street,Kanchipuram-01

Tomorrow class: Ruby



4 Responses to Boot Camp-1: Day-3

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