Boot Camp-1: Day-2

Boot Camp-1 : Day-2:

Date: 01.06.2010                  Duration: 3pm t0 7pm.

participations: 23+ 6(new comers)

Attendees: 29+10 KanchiLug Members
The class was sharply started at 3.00pm
Dhasthagheer gave intro about today classes. Then new participants introduced themself.
Few of them are freshers and remaining people are studying 2nd and 3rd years.

In the first 1 hour 30 minutes Nagarajan and Manikandan  take the class about HTML

* where it use

* why it use
Then for 30 minutes Pravin started CSS, he explained what is the use of CSS.

We gave break for 15 minutes to refresh themselves by Tea & Biscuits(Provided).

Again Pravin started the class and tells about whole things in CSS.

In the 2nd session Kabilan starts the awesome speech in JavaScript. He got all their view in his side, everyone concentrated in his topics. He give example & execute JQuery & DOM.

Arulalan  explained job opportunities in HTML,CSS & JavaScript.

Finally we end the class at 7.15pm.

Place: Sakthi ITI,Madam Street,Kanchipuram-01

Tomorrow class: PHP



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