KLUG:Discussed About Boot-Camp

Date : 30 / 05 / 10  Week : 53People : 18

Session   : 4  pm to 6 pm

Location : Dhasthagheer’s Home

Topics Discussed : Discussed About Boot-Camp-1

Attendies  : Arulalan, Bala Krishnan, Selvamani, Rajesh, Nehru, Nagaraj, Lokesh, Praveen, Manikandan, Elango, Dhasthagheer, Shanmugam, Raj kumar, Kabilan, Priya, Malathi, Ramya,  and Suresh(myself)


All Are discussing bootcamp’s shedule and ubundu10.04 Release party’s shedule

Boot Camp’s shedule:

Day-1:  Linux basics and History

Day-2:  Web development languages – HTML, CSS, Javascript

Day-3: PHP

Day-4:  Ruby

Day-5: Python

Day-6:  Database tool – Mysql, PostgreSQL

This Sunday (06.06.2010) we planned conduct Ubuntu10.04 and Ubuntu Tamil  Manual Release Party




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