Boot Camp-1: Day-1

boot camp-1 : Day-1:

Date: 31.05.2010                  Duration: 3pm t0 7pm.

participations: 21

Attendees: 21+10 KanchiLug Members
The class was started at 3.30pm
Arulalan gave intro about KanchiLug. Then each participants introduced themself.
Few of them are freshers and remaining people are studying 2nd and 3rd years.
As usual we started with linux history,the speech was given by Logesh and Arulalan.
And they continued why linux & FOSS and ubuntu installation with presentation.
Then we took 15mins tea break.

We provided tea & snaks.

In the 2nd session Elango and myself(Suresh) were take class about linux basic commands.
At the end of 2nd session, Mr.Thanigairajan(Admin) from Sybrant company,Chennai came and gave speech about linux administration.
He also explained job opportunities in linux admin.

Finally we end the class at 7pm.

The projector is sponcered by Prof.Mangal Dept of chemistry, IIT Madras.

Place: Sakthi ITI,Madam Street,Kanchipuram-01(paying money for electric charge)

Tomorrow class: HTML,CSS & JavaScript


5 Responses to Boot Camp-1: Day-1

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  3. […] Here are the day reports.Day-1Day-2Day-3Day-4Day-5Day-6 […]

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  5. Lorenzo vom matterhorn says:

    Nice work buddy!!
    keep them up!

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