KLUG: How to promote linux in and around kanchipuram

Date : 16 / 05 / 10  Week : 51 People : 9

Session   : 4  pm to 6 pm

Location : Dhasthagheer’s Home

Attendees :  praveen,  Rajkumar ,  Elango , Bala krishna , Manikandan, Yasir, Vishnu and myself ( Dhasthagheer ).

Topics Discussed : Mr. Thiyagarajan spoke with all klug members through skype. In which we discussed about How to promote Open source in and around kanchipuram.

Mr. Thiyagarajan have told some ides that includes

1. Support Center

If people wants to migrate linux they need support for everything regarding linux. If people need help just they make call and tell about error or something this one of support center employee immediately go to solve the problem.  So support center is one of the
big idea

2. Video center

Video explanation makes easier to understand. If the video is in our own language it is much easier.

3. Project guidance support

Most of college student need project guidance if we provide it college student come forward to use Linux

To do this effectively the following details going to be collect in kanchipuram

1. Total population
2. Total literacy rate
3. No of prominent towns
4. No of Municipalities
5. No of zones
6. No of Engineering colleges across zones/prominent towns
7. No of polytechnics
8. No of Higher secondary school
9. No of Internet center
10. No of vocational training center(Like embroidery designs we can
give gimp to them)
11. No of Internet service providers
12. No of DTP, Data entry center
13. Estimated Internet subscribers in the town
14. No of women self employment

Kanchilug members will collect the details of above items

Give more suggestion regarding on how can we promote linux in kanchipuram?.

Give advantages as well as disadvantages of above ideas.


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