KLUG : Advanced Linux commands

Date : 21 / 02 / 10 Week : 42 People : 20+1

Session   : 4  pm to 6 pm

Location : Siva Kalvi Nilayam

Topics Discussed :  Discussed about advanced linux commands

Attendies  : Arulalan, Rajkumar , Dhasthageer , Elango , Yassir , Selvamani, Logesh, Nagaraj, Bala Krishna, Shanmugam, Vishnu, Ramya, Mahalakshmi, Priya and myself ( Praveen ).

New Guys : Rajesh kumar, Sabari, Ramarajan, Arunachalam, Balaji and Prema (studiying 3rd M.C.A. in panimalar eng college).

yassir took the class about advanced linux commands and linux file structure.

Those  commands are here http://pheonixtuxworld.wordpress.com/2010/02/22/advanced-commands-linu/

Then we discussed about next weeks Carte blanche.

Sabari started a browsing center with 6 systems.

He is interested to put the linux os for those systems and we are supporting to him.



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