KLUG: Discuss about carte blanche & Kanchilug location changes

Date : 07 / 02 / 10 Week : 40 People : 14+1

Session   : 4  pm to 6 pm

Location : Sivakalvi Nilayam

Topics Discussed : carte blanche, Kanchilug location changes & New project

Attendies  : Arulalan, selvamani, manikadan, logeshpraphu, praveen, Selvakumar , Rajkumar ,  Elango , Srinivas, Yassir , Bala krishna ,Shanmugam,  Priya myself ( Dhastha Gheer ).

We discussed about Kanchilug location shifting. Next Selvamani bring a project that fully tamil gui for a flower shop  we discussed that.

Finally we talk about Carte Blanche which going to be held on feb 27-28 . Followings are the persons resposibilities

1. LTSP- Yasir

2. Ruby- Shanmugam, priya, srinivas

3. SVN – Selvamani, praveen

4. Mercurial – Raj, Logesh

5. Heart beat – Dhastha gheer, Yasir, Elango

6. LIRC – Pravin, Bala


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