KLUG : Mysql – Normalaisation and types

Date : 10 / 01 / 10 Week : 38 People : 15

Session   : 3
pm to 6 pm

Location : Today we changed our session at kilasanathar temple because construction work undergone  in siva kalvi nilayam

Topics Discussed :  Mysql and its types and normalaization

Attendies  :Praveen ,   Selvamani , Priya,   Manikandan ,   Balakrishnan , Rajkumar , Dhasthageer ,  Ilango, Yasir, Selvakumar, Srinivas, Shanmugam, Aathi, Ezhil and myself ( Arulalan ).

I took class on Mysql.  we discussed  about mysql normalization and its types. In which explained about

Normalization 1, 2,3, Boyce code, and mysql types INNODB,ISAM,MYISAM


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