KLUG : 2010 Goals & WebScraping in Python

Date : 03 / 01 / 2010 Week : 37 People : 15+1

Session : 10.30 a
m to 2.30 pm

Location : Siva Kalvi Nilayam

Topics Discussed : Demo on How to  work Webscraping in python and 2010 Goals

Attendies  : Praveen, Yassir , Priya , Arulalan , Dhasthagheer, Selvamain, Balakrishnan, Shanmugasundaram, Manikandan, Loganathan, Logeshprabu, Shrinivasan, Suresh and myself(Rajkumar)

New Guy : Hariharan ,   studying final year BE(ECE) in Pallavan engineeing college, kanchi.

Guest : Rajeshwari

Rajeshwari  took the class about the webscraping in python.

webscraping means, write a program to link the website to download file links automatically .

Using the following libraries and softwares to write the program

1. Firebug

2. Windmill

3. Beautifulsoup

If you want that means folllow the links

Install the following packages


Firebug –   http://getfirebug.com/

Windmill –     http://trac.getwindmill.com/wiki/installation#InstallingWindmillfromapre-builtpackage

BeautifulSoup –   http://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/#Download

Today we used the four laptops to connect the remote desktop to saw her (raji) works.

And  this is the first class of 2010

so we discussed goals of this year


*Foss demo day in any college per month(short term goal)

*Create a new LUG in your college(long term goal)

*Commit for a project by your own in a three months period

*Be Strong in programming languages :ruby, python, php, mysql,  html,  postgresql, javascript, xml, and css(short term goal)

*Developing communication(daily basis)

*T-Shirt for KLUG guys

*Outing celebration after each achievement

*Foss News in a weekly basis

*Public event once in a six month

*One tutorial class of an application in each week

*Class for administration data base

*Revolution OS/The code-subtitles and dubbing in Tamil

*Ubuntu Guide in Tamil

*Introduction to Linux Videos

*Developing accounting software overcoming Tally

*Creating website for KanchiLUG

*Tux doll

*Contribution to Wikipedia

*Linux Calendar for 2010.

Note : Weekly review should be taken whether it is on the correct track.

Details Of Next Meeting :

Date : 10 / 01 / 2010   ,  Location :  Siva Kalvi Nilayam

ச. இராஜ்குமார்.


One Response to KLUG : 2010 Goals & WebScraping in Python

  1. […] January 4, 2010 by raji Hi yesterday i got a chance to meet kanchilug friends at kanchipuram along with my friend Shrini.I agreed to give a talk titled ‘WebScraping with Python’.The whole session is scheduled between 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. We reached around 10.40 a.m.. I found nearly 15 members to attend the session.There were four laptops connected through LAN cable.Internet was also provided through Relaince NetConnect.My friend Shrini started the session. He taught us ssh(Secure Shell)command. Then it’s my turn to teach WebScraping.I explained them what i know.  I thought of showing them demo, what unfortunately there were some errors in the program.I showed them Tamil Calendar for GNOME desktops. We all discussed the goals to be acheived in 2010.For more information click here https://kanchilug.wordpress.com/2010/01/03/klug-webscrabing-in-python/  […]

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