Software Freedom Day 2009

Hi guys,

on 19.09.2009 ,  Software Freedom Day ’09 was celebrated very grandly in chennai.

from kanchi Lug , totally 18 members participated in SFD.

we went to Birla Planetarium around 9 am.

many students were presented and Mr.Raman guide us.

shortly, we all people arranged stalls by using tables . They provided power cable .  All students ping together , and connected  power supply to our laptops.

Around 9.30am , public were started to visit our sfd stalls.

Kanchi Lug Members :                       18

Rajkumar, Dasthageer, Selvamani , Manikandan , Loganathan , Logesh , Athi, Ezhil , Jegan, Elango, Praveen , Yasar , Balakrishnan , Priya , Udhaya , Rajeshwari , Nandhakumar and myself (Arulalan).

All of us put stall in various topics of  Linux.


Kanchi Lug Stalls

OpenOffice Writer :

Elango , Yasar

OpenOffice Calc :

Rajkumar , Bala krishnan

OpenOffice Impress :

Athi, Jegan

Gimp :

Praveen , Priya , Udhaya

Inkscape :

Dasthgeer , Arulalan

Glade with Ruby :


Glade with Python :


Ruby :

Nandhakumar , Loganathan

SFD T-Shirts Sale Incharge :


and i supported to all of us ( kanchilug) stalls as a backup .


College Of Engineering , Guindy Students

a) Equivalent software windows Vs Linux

b) 2Dto 3D modeling

Kongu Linux User Group Students

These Students came from Erode to participate in SFD…. ( Really Great )

a) Various Desktop Environments ( Gnome, Kde, Xfce , Lwde)


Dhana Lakshmi Engg College Students :

a) OpenCV ( Open Computer Vision ) projects

we really surprised by seeing OpenCV ….

They did,  Face Detection Project Using OpenCv Library.

AVIT College Students :

a) LTSP  ( Linux Terminal Server Project )

They make LTSP in Fedora11.

b) Virtual OS

c) Networking ( SAMBA , RSYNC )

MIT Students  :

a) Multimedia

They explained about various audio and video players

Kamban Engg College , Thiruvannamalai Students :

a) Arduino

These explained their projects used bt Arduino …

1. Automatic Door Lock & Unlock

2. Automatic Water Tank Control

The surprise thing is , Hod Of Kamban Colll , Mr. Jothy also attend SFD in Chennai with his Students… ( Superb HOD)

Jaya Foss Club Students :

From jaya Engg college , many students explained many things . . .

a) Educational Tools In Linux

They showed demo on  Chemistry , Physics , Maths tools for 12 th standard syllabus .

b) CMS  ( Content Management System )

Joomla  ,  Drupal  ,  WordPress

c) Scientific Python Tools

More than 52 students were participated in SFD as volunteer  ( put stalls in sfd )


Many people were came to SFD festival .

Around 10.30 am , Mr. Ravi jaya gave a wonderful talk about FOSS to public in auditorium.

The interesting thing is , from  Pallavan Engineering College ( Kanchipuram ) MCA students were visited SFD.

More than 75 students were came and visited all stalls …

Mr. Raman gave a wonderful speech about FOSS to Pallavan college Students…

Those students were realized about FOSS by his Speech.

After noon ilugc ( Indian Linux User Group Chennai ) Organizing group provided Lunch to all of us .   ( Thanks to them )

After noon also more public visited stalls… At last all students were visited other students stalls .

Finally , evening 4.30 pm all stalls were closed …

Thanks to

Mr.Bharathi , Mr. Raman ,  Mr.Ravi jaya, Mr.Thiyagarajan , Mr. Asokan , Mr.Baskar, Mr.Thangamani , Mr.Saravanan, Mr.Thanigarajan , Mr.Shrinivasan ( ilugc members)

all these people were supported in many ways to make this Software Freedom Day as a wonderful day.

also we ( KanchiLug) thanks to Mr.Raman and Mr.Bharathi to  gave the wonderful opportunity  to take classes on SFD …

kanchilug guys with others

kanchilug guys with others

Kanchilug guys stalls

Kanchilug guys stalls


MIT students

MIT students

DhanaLakshmi Engg Students

DhanaLakshmi Engg Students

Kongu Engg  Students

Kongu Engg Students

AVIT Students

AVIT Students

Jaya Engg Students

Jaya Engg Students

ILUGC Members

ILUGC Members

Kanchi Lug Members

Kanchi Lug Members

This is first time all kanchi Lug members took classes to public…

Thanks a lot to ilugc !

To  view more photos pl visit here :

Links :

To view SFD Aricle in Tamil , download it from here  . . .

Link :

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