KLUG : PHP With Mysql Class – 2

Date : 19 / 07 / 09       Week : 16              People : 21

Topics Discussed :    An Introduction to ” PHP with Mysql “   session – 2

Attenties : Rajkumar, Dasthageer , Manikandan , Venkatraman , Karthick , Vishnu , Athi , Ezhil , Selvamani , Logesh, Loganathan, Rajalakshmi,  Prabavathi , Mohan, Jegan Anna and I (Arulalan)

New Guys : Ragu, Praveen

Attendies For PHP : Nandha kumar and Manikandan

Guest : Mr.Ravi Jaya

Class was taken by : Mr.Ravi Jaya ( Freelancer and one of the active member in ilugc [chennai Lug] , he came to kanchiLug from Sriperumbadhur to take class).

we were surprised because he came from sriperumbadhur ,. he voluntarily came forward and he took class about ” Php with mysql ” to our KLUG guys.

he talked with beautiful English…. superb.

and he explained much about php and connecting mysql via php by very clearly.

Fantastic . we didn’t expect .. Really wonderful class we got.

and he talked with every one in friendly manner.

finally he gave ten copies of OS fedora.10 distribution and also he explained how to install that.

Thanks to Mr.Ravi Jaya.

Thanks to Jagan Anna.

Thanks to HCL Career Develpment Centre.

Details of Next Meeting:
Date and time:  26  / 07 /09 ,       4 pm to 6.30 pm

அருளாளன் . த


One Response to KLUG : PHP With Mysql Class – 2

  1. infoqueue says:

    Upload the presentation file of this class..So it ll be useful for all of us.

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