KLUG : An Intro About GIMP

Date : 20 / 06 / 09                Week : 12                             People : 13

Attenties : Rajkumar,  Dasthageer,  Vishnu, Loganathan, Logesh,  Manikandan, Shanmugam,  Ezhil , Jegan ,  Selvamani,   Prabhu, Jegen and I  (Arulalan).

Topics Discussed :    Gimp



Today I gave an intro about ” Gimp ” . Gimp is ” Gnu Image Manipulation Program ” .

Using Gimp we can do any manipulation in images and photos… We did some modification in one tamil actress photo …

And also did joining and merge two people photo with different background and merge it.

Gimp is like Photoshop in windows …

The beautiful thing in gimp is choosing color selection beyond the current page colors.

Gimp is so beautiful . . .

Gimp Tools and Layers

Gimp Tools and Layers

Details of Next Meeting:
Date and time:  28 / 06 /09 ,  4 pm to 6.30 pm
Venue :Kailasanathar Koil

அருளாளன் . த


One Response to KLUG : An Intro About GIMP

  1. ezhil says:

    hi arul… i saw our web site nice…..

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