KLUG : Revised Previous 10 Week’s Classes

Date : 13 / 06 / 09                Week : 11                             People : 13

Attenties : Rajkumar,  Dasthageer,  Vishnu, Loganathan, Logesh,  Manikandan, Shanmugam,  Ezhil , Jegan ,  Selvamani,   and  (Arulalan).

New Girls : Suji and Malathi

These two girls are finished their final year M.Sc(IT) in pachayappa college. Right now both they are doing projects in MIT, Chrompet.

Suji doing ‘ New Tamil Fonts creation ‘ and Malathi doing Database storage using ‘ Samba’…

Topics Discussed :

This is eleventh week of kanchilug. So we planned to discuses about previous 10 weeks classes.

By this way we gave introduction about past 10 weeks classes to those new girls ,  even though they are well known in Linux.

1) Rajkumar and Dasthageer gave into about “ History of GNU/Linux

2) Logesh explained very well about, “ How we have to present and prepare our slides?”  by using ” Death by PowerPoint ” …

3) Selvamani prsented about “ PaniPori

4) Dasthageer gave intro about “ How To Use OpenOffice.Impress

5) Vishnu presented his “An Intro About Television ” used  by impress.

6) Manikandan and Ezhil gave an intro about “ Ruby ” to them.

7) Selvamani & Dasthageer gave introduction about ” How to use OpenOffice . WordProcessor

8. Rajkumar gave intoduction about ” Basic Commands in Linux

Thanks to all of the kanchilug boys… Really all boys took wonderful presentations and classes.

We used to explain all the above classes by previously prepared slides by us and my brother Shrinivasan.T.

Suji and Malathi were thanked us and they will be taking class about “Mysql” as soon…

Details of Next Meeting:
Date and time:  20 / 06 /09 ,  4 pm to 6.30 pm
Venue :Kailasanathar Koil

அருளாளன் . த


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