KLUG : How To Add Repositories In Ubuntu & Intro To OpenOffice Word

Third Week:

People : 11

Today 12 th April 09′ Klug second  meeting  is conducted @ 4 pm in Kailasanathar Koil.



This week two new guys are joined with klug, namely Vishnu and Silambarasan.

Vishnu is studying first year MCA in Panimalar Engg  College. And Silambarasan is also first year MCA in Pallavan Engg Coll.

And Dasthageer , RajKumar , Mani ,Shanmugam , Karthick,  Vankat , RajaLakshmi, Prabavathi and I (Arulalan.T) also joined together with them.

Today Logesh gave his LapTop to Klug. And i gave detailed view about, ” How to add Repositories in ubuntu 8.04 ?

and then we installed necessary packages to play audio , video , ruby, php, mysql, compizconfig-seetings-manager,… like that more.

Intro about OpenOffice. WordProcess

And i gave a deep intro to OpenOffice.Word Process, how to handle that? like that today class was gone very  fine…

KanchiLug Rocks !

–  அருளாளன். த


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