KLUG : Intro Talk

May 9, 2009

Egambaranathar Koil

Egambaranathar Koil

First Week :

People: 7

Today 29 th Mar’ 09 sun day, KLUG committee is started at Egambaranathar Koil eve 4 o’ clock.

My friend Raj kumar and I (Arulalan.T) were studied tution together from 9th standard to +2. Dasthageer and I were studied schooling together in Anderson Hr.sec school, kpm.   Venkat Raman and I  studying Second year M.C.A in Saveetha Engg Coll, right now.,  & Mohan is studying II M.C.A in Rajalakshmi Engg College.

Rajkumar and Dasthgeer were brought two  boys namely , Manikandan and Shanmugam to Klug. All these four peoples are studying First Year M.C.A in Pallavan Engg College, Kanchipuram.

Started Discussion :

First we introduced ourself to all.   Then we started to discussed about Open Source Software.

I  gave a brief  intro about what is Open Source Software ? and what is piracy software ?. They too asked too many doubts and questions about Free/Open Source Software(FOSS), I answered for all those questions.

I was talked about ” History Of GNU/Linux  “

  • about Richard Stallman
  • Unix
  • GNU Not Unix
  • about Linus Torvold –  kernel
  • Release histories of Gnu/Linux
  • Gnu Public Licenses
  • open source
  • Distributions of Linux
  • about Ubuntu

Discussed about “ MicroSoft

  • Issues of windows
  • cost of each and every software
  • viruses
  • binary files (.exe) closed source
  • Licenses

Like this we talked together many things about Open Source Linux.   All these people were really listened all these interesting technical informations.   And they thanked me for conducting Kanchi Lug., Me too happy.   They said they will come with their friends  to our Klug class in the upcoming classes.   we talked nearly two hours.
Then, we planned to conduct KLUg class in every week sunday eve at 4 o clock…

Kanchi Lugc’s first week class was finished happily and full of technical informations !

Thanks to Shrinivasan.T  for guiding  me to organizing KLUG. Hmmm

KanchiLug  Rocks !

–  அருளாளன். த


KanchiLUG Rocks Begin

May 9, 2009


Hi to all ,  I am Arulalan.T, younger brother of  Shrinivasan.T .  Now studying second yr M.C.A in Saveetha Engg College.

My bro only gave into and detailed knowledge about GNU/Linux.  In Oct 2009 , he presented  new personal computer to me. Thanks to him.

He was advice  me  to share our Linux knowledge to our Kanchi IT friends.  But i didn’t start that activity, because my college seniors and few friends were not interested to learn Linux …

But I realised my schoolmates are really interested to learn and increase their knowledge in Linux as well as IT.

So , I decided to share my knowledge in Linux by sharing to my friends   and planned to start Kanchi Linux User Group Committee. I   informed to my all Kanchi Technical friends those who are all studied with me in schooling and tuitions and other college friends those who are living in Kanchi  by sms to them.

Oops..,  my friends  Raj kumar , Dasthagheer , Mohan & venkatraman were called me and asked more details about KLUG activites and they were replied like, they are  very interseted to learn Linux and more…

They said me, “they will inform to their friends about Klug and will bringing them to Klug “.

By this way KLUGC was born on 29 th March 2009 !

–  அருளாளன். த